Monday, March 24, 2008

NCAA Tournament

Like most people, I've been catching up with the NCAA Tourney. It's some of the best stuff sports has to offer. Anyways, after one full weekend of taking in as many games as possible, its safe to say that North Carolina is looking like that can't be beat. Two 100 point games in a row is pretty impressive. Stephen Curry of Davidson seems to wake up in the second half of his games because he goes nuts. He's got a nice shot like his old man Dell. I live in Big Ten country so I root for them to do good by default even though my team hasn't been a major player there since my man Chris tried to call a timeout his team didn't have. Such is life. I didn't make any brackets this year so I'm not walking around with a badly torned up newspaper clipping or checking ESPN every minute because I don't have money in any pot. I think that it has helped me enjoy these games more. I like Memphis outside of the fact that they can't shoot free throws to save their life. That almost cost them Sunday. The sweet 16 is set up to offer some intriguing matches. I can't wait to watch them.

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