Monday, March 24, 2008


Ahh, I've joined the world of blogdom. Anyways, I'll use this small corner of the interest to vent about my thoughts in music, games, sports and other things that happens to cross my fancy. It will mainly be those three things though.

As far as gaming, I've been going through the motions with my games. Super Smash Brothers Melee hasn't hooked me like I thought it would. I've been playing more of my PS3 with MLB The Show 08 and the newest Hot Shots Golf. I play those single player mostly as I can't really be bothered with PSN online. I'm signed up for the Battlefield Bad Company beta on the 360 that starts on the 25th of March. This makes the third beta I've been signed up to this generation. I've done the Halo 3 beta, Call of Duty 4 beta and now this. I think this is a great trend and some free Q&A for the companies as well. I'll play test dummy for some free hot gaming though.

Since I basically buy every good game under the sun, I'll post about the games that I get. They won't be reviews per se, but I'll just let the stuff on my mind flow from my head to my fingers and you'll read it here. I got all my important stats like gamertags and usernames on this blog so if you want to add me, but all means do so.

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