Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gaming in general

This has been such a dry stretch of games for me. I have 35 games preordered now but I don't get one until Grand Theft Auto 4, which I'll be getting for the Xbox 360. The other big game for this month is Mario Kart for the Wii. I'm not enthused by this game at all. Rubberband AI in racing games suck hard. You shouldn't have to intentionally race in second place until the last corner of the last lap. I am picking up a Dualshock 3 next week. It isn't really so much about the rumble being back, my older Sixaxis controllers have drop out issues due to the early implementations of Bluetooth in the PS3. I have a launch date PS3 60GB, the best version. So, I've gone back to PGR4 and Halo 3, it's been fun times. I'm waiting for Call of Duty 4 to drop those maps on Xbox Live so I can cop them. Add Devil May Cry 4 to that and that pretty much sums up my 360 playing. On the PS3, I'm going between Hot Shots Golf and MLB The Show, mostly the Show. For the Wii, I play Brawl when I get bored.

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