Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27th check-in

Just knocked out some homework. Watched some Wimbledon today. Saw Serena win and Roger win. Going to go play some Top Spin 3 after I play some Trackmania United Forever, which is probably the best racing game I've ever played, sorry Forza 2 and F-Zero GX. Slow time now in gaming since E3 is around the corner. No clue what is going to be there since companies like Activision have backed out for their own stuff. I'm more interested in what Microsoft and Sony has to say anyways. Activision has become this Guitar Hero factory and Rock Band is currently better. NCAA Football should be next for me, I usually take a one star team and build them up. No clue on who that will be this game. Thats it for now, until tomorrow that is.

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